Enhance the Value of Your Home with Quartz Countertops

At ADP Surfaces INC., we offer premium-quality custom quartz countertops, a great alternative to granite countertops for those looking to buy a new home, renovate an old one, or upgrade an old countertop. While offering the same benefits as granite countertops, our quartz countertops enhance the value of your home.

A large kitchen with white counters and wooden cabinets.

Aesthetic Appeal

With comparable attributes like exceptional durability and enduring longevity, quartz countertops deliver a breathtaking aesthetic appeal. Available in various captivating colors and textures, they exude an understated yet striking elegance. One standout feature of quartz, setting it apart from granite, is its inherent resistance to sealing-a convenience that simplifies maintenance.

Choose Quartz Countertops for Your Kitchen

Although granite enjoys a prominent place among fashionable options for kitchen countertops, it's essential to acknowledge that quartz holds distinct advantages as a convenient choice for everyday kitchen use. Unlike granite, quartz is non-porous, making it remarkably resistant to staining. Additionally, quartz exhibits exceptional scratch resistance, making it a resilient solution that can endure the demands of a bustling kitchen environment.

Enhance Your Bathroom's Functionality

The advantageous properties of quartz seamlessly extend to create an excellent surface for bathroom and vanity countertops. Resistant to staining from various cleaners and cosmetic products, quartz is the perfect choice to enhance your bathroom's appeal and functionality.

An Extensive Collection

Discover a diverse spectrum of quartz colors and manufacturers within our collection. We encourage you to engage with our knowledgeable stone experts for detailed insights into the brands we feature. Their expertise will assist you in selecting the ideal stone that aligns perfectly with your requirements and budgetary considerations. You can contact us for more information.

Our Brands

We carry the following quartz supplier's material